Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson

The Confidence Expert

Gain the confidence to live the life you deserve

I help women of all ages find the confidence they need to become the best version of themselves.

My 30-minute online programs show you how.

How my programs have changed people’s lives

Susie D

“I was in a rut for so long, I thought it was normal life. Fiona’s program gave me the courage to quit my job in law and start my own florist business. I have a new lease on life and honestly can’t believe how happy I am.”
Susie D

Jane P.

“I used to worry all the time. It was driving me crazy. Then I found the Anxiety Program in Fiona’s Confidence Programs. Just knowing how to fix things has given me a new lease on life. I no longer worry because I now know how to solve any problem.”

Jane P.

Dr Anne

“I always needed other people’s approval to do things. I wanted to impress them to make them love me. Fiona gave me the answers I was looking for to lift my confidence. Better still, I found a part of me that I never knew existed. I feel liberated beyond my wildest dreams.”
Dr Anne

The Ultimate Guide to Confidence

Struggling to find your confidence and life’s purpose?

Are there things you’d love to do or say, but seem to hold back, procrastinate or give up because you doubt yourself?

Perhaps you want to:
  • change careers? 
  • accomplish more in your current job?
  • be in a loving relationship?
  • feel healthier, happier and more excited about life?
  • be assertive and say what’s on your mind? 
  • achieve some ‘bucketlist’ big dreams?

When you lack self-confidence and question your knowledge, your ability or your opinion, it can have a crushing effect on your quality of life, relationships, finances and career.

I know that feeling well…
By the end of my school days, my confidence had been hammered out of me. I was super shy, unsure of myself, and felt like a leaf blowing in the wind.
So, I dedicated 20 years of my life to building myself back up, focusing on academic research. During that time, I discovered a simple and highly effective way for anyone to become the confident, happy person we all deserve to be.

Through my short, tailored programs, I’ve been able to hundreds of women of all ages gain self-confidence and discover their life’s purpose. 

I’d love to help you too.

Feel fabulous with my proven confidence boosting programs

​The programs are designed to help you become the happy, self-assured version of yourself that’s been missing.

  • Quick, easy and effective for personal and business confidence needs
  • Short 20/30 min videos tailored to your specific needs
  • Save money – exceptional quality help made affordable to everyone
  • Based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques
  • World-first blend of video guidance, phone app and cathartic journal writing

Ready to be the new you – confident, capable and happy?

Discover what it feels like to be comfortable in your own skin.
See all my programs and become confident today  

How my programs have changed other women’s lives

“I missed the passion in my marriage. Fiona’s program provided an insight that was so powerful it took my breath away. As a result, our marriage has improved dramatically. We have the passion back, but, more importantly, we have a much deeper connection than we have had for years.”

“Once I started using the app with my journal writing, I realised that there were people I felt unconfident with. Certain people and some situations. I now understand that I have a choice – to be confident and believe in myself or not.”

“Fiona, using the program is the highlight of my day.  I know now that there is a mind-body connection and I believe my asthma was related to feeling like I had too much to do.  The more I relax, the easier I breathe and my asthma has eased off.”

“I was taught by my parents that it was bad manners to be direct because it made me look ‘greedy and selfish’. The app helped me understand that it’s okay to say what I think. ‘Greedy and selfish’ can also be reworded as looking after me because they’re the same thing as ‘self-aware’ and self-loving.’ It is all about tuning into myself – and my own needs. What a load off my shoulders!”

Ready to be the confident, new you?

Boost Your Confidence Through Our Proven Confidence App

With over years of experience, Fiona Wilson will help you easily believe in yourself and how to build or increase your self-confidence. The app helps you look at your problems from different perspectives. It forces your brain to think laterally and follow different pathways.  Then you can come up with the best answer. Psychologists call them insights. The problem was that the insights were few and far between. With the help of the app, you can get insights any time you need them.

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