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How to deal with them
In this Program, you learn how to recognise whether your bully is tameable or not. In the Boundaries Program, mostly it is a small tweak from you that will fix the problem. In the Assertiveness Program, you learn how to tweak a little harder. In this Program, you learn how to deal with serious bullies. First, you will learn tactics on how to handle them, to see if you can get them to change. Sometimes, it is a case of chipping away at small problems that will eventually turn your bully into a manageable person. If those tactics don’t work, then you need a Plan B. This is when you need outside help for you and your bully – with separate therapists. Whether your bully is tameable or not, you still need to build yourself back up. This Program gives you tips on how to feel better about yourself. The stronger you are, the more capable you will be. This Program is for anyone wanting to deal with a serious bully. And boost your confidence at the same time.