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Values are the character traits that you aspire to. They guide you when you make decisions. This Program helps you discover what your current values are. So you will know yourself better. When you make a decision based on your values, the decision will sit easily with you. When you go against your values, it won’t resonate with you. Thus they help you make wise decisions for you personally. In this Program you learn how to recognise any values that haven’t come from you – but from your family or friends or society. Thus they are borrowed values. This Program gives you the opportunity to replace them with moreauthentic values that come from you – and you alone. Plus you will learn how to tweak your values so you can recognise and fulfil your potential. This can lead to exploring new horizons. To make those horizons easier to reach, we have included a section on Goal Setting. The Values Program is a vital tool for anyone wanting to empower themselves. And for those who truly want to ‘know thyself.’ (Socrates)