Confidence is the ability to believe in yourself. It is the invisible power that is generated in your mind.

What can confidence do for you?

  • It assists you when you take on new challenges. Even the most complex task feels easy when you have confidence.
  • It makes you feel like you have an inner warrior, who can do anything.
  • It will keep you super happy and feeling unstoppable much of the time – You will be hitting a bullseye again and again.

What are the different ways to boost your self-confidence?

a. Work on changing your mindset

Changing your mindset is the first step. It sounds hard but actually, it is easy, once you are know-how.

Your mind is there to protect you – originally from the sabre-tooth tiger. Your mind has not changed much since cave-man days. So it has an innate negativity bias. It leans towards anything negative.

So you need to allow it – don’t try to fight it. That only gives it more fuel.

Instead say to yourself: ‘OK I hear you. But let’s just see what happens anyway, if I do this thing.’

Then you must do the task your mind said that you couldn’t.

  • Keep repeating the words – ‘I can do it’ – Say it with intent a 108 times

Always use positive statements or phrases –

  • I am going to try my best to complete the distance in 15 minutes – Sounds positive
  • Covering the distance in 15 minutes is going to be a challenge for me – Sounds neutral
  • 15 minutes is not enough at all. I don’t think I can do it – Negative – As good as a battle lost

A positive mindset reinforced by thoughts of success is usually half the battle won.

b. Believe, Believe, Believe – Self-belief – Believe in yourself

Let’s say you are in the finals of a tennis tournament tomorrow and you are playing against the top-seeded player.

First thing you need is the belief that you can win. See it in your mind. Feel it, smell it, hear it. Use all your senses to know you will win. Once you start believing in yourself, you start getting confident.

  • If you are confident, you are going to give the champion the fight of his life and who knows, even win the championship.
  • If you are not confident, you will be easy meat for the champion in the finals.

You need to show the champion how good you are in the finals. Then you will win more hearts & fans than the champion, for your efforts.

c. Practice makes a man, perfect

If you have practised well, it is bound to boost your confidence on D-Day.

How do you practice? Try imagining your win. Again see it, feel it, live it. And write about it in your journal. What is the match? And how do you feel when you win? This is like having mini-practice run. The more you practice, in your mind or on paper, the easier the challenge will feel. And the more confidence you will have.

If you have a Mathematics exam, and you have done masses of study, you will succeed. Plus you will feel confident and know that you have done well.

d. Stay calm – Calm and collected

When you are calm, the chances of making a mistake decrease. Extra practice will help you calm down. So can writing about it in your journal.

As you do more practice, your confidence automatically grows, and you will feel calmer. The tension comes when you have not done enough practice – nor enough imagining.

If you have a challenge – do the ground work. Then give it your best shot and stop worrying about the result. You have done your best. Then get on with doing other things – preferably empowering things. If you find yourself worrying, then find some other challenge that can entertain your mind – and get on with that.


Success and confidence can be boosted in the following ways:

  • Changed their approach or outlook – Mindset.
  • With a positive mindset, they start to believe that it can be done – Belief.
  • With more practice – the confidence levels increased.
  • More the confidence made it easier to remain calm.

Thus it is all about the right mindset plus your self-belief, coupled with rigorous practice & calm head. That is how you can find success and victory – whatever the task.

With each success, you will automatically boost your confidence. You will see life in a whole new way – happy healthy and kicking the goals that you only dreamed of before.