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Fiona Wilson

The Confidence Expert

Fiona’s Confidence Programs

The mini programs are specially designed to boost your self-esteem.

In each program you will get

#Confidence App

Explains how to use and get the best out of the app, so you discover all the answers and insights that you need to boost your confidence.

#Confidence Videos

The videos focus on your specific problems to boost your confidence.

#Confidence Journaling

Learn how to use journaling to eliminate a lot of your pain. so you can see more clearly, and find success.

#Confidence Book

The ebook on how to boost your confidence.

Who Am I

This is a vital program for anyone wanting to boost their confidence. The underlying premise is this: If you really know who you are, then it will be easy to figure out what you want. And what you need.
When you know yourself – then you will make awesome decisions – and get your life right. When you get it right, you feel good about yourself – and that automatically boosts your confidence.
The problem is that most people have a distorted view of who they really are. So their decisions work against them. In this Program – you have the opportunity to become 100% aware of just who you are. You will look closely at your personality traits – and very likely discover a few you weren’t aware of. Plus you will have the luxury of examining your beliefs – and your values. If you discover you have a few limiting or negative beliefs – this is the perfect time to change them for more empowering ones. We will show you how, quickly easily and effectively.
With a strong grip on your own personal reality, it is easy to empower yourself so you can succeed – and thrive. That is the best way to boost your confidence. This Program is free – as our gift to you. And so you can get a taste of what our other paid Programs are like.

Enjoy the experience.

See the program

  • How to deal with your bully.
  • How to know if you can tame them or not.
  • What to do in either case.
  • How to strengthen your  boundaries and yourself.
  • How to strengthen your boundaries.
  • How to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you want to.
  • Boost your assertiveness skills.
  • Improve yourself-esteem.
  • Conquer your fears.
  • Become aware of faulty thinking patterns.
  • Adopt more empowering thoughts.
  • How to tame your inner critic.
  • And find your inner warrior.
  • Become pro-active.
  • How to enjoy being alone and not lonely.
  • How to contemplate general life direction.
  • How to find a more meaningful, happier life.
  • Discover what your rights are.
  • How to implement them.
  • Boost your confidence and thrive.
  • Discover your goals.
  • How to successfully achieve them.
  • How to have win-win discussions.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself.
  • How to recognise negative beliefs.
  • How to adopt more empowering beliefs.
  • Express your feelings.
  • How to ask for what you want.
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Stop over-apologising.
  • Recognise what your own personal values are.
  • Which values serve you and which don’t.
  • How to enjoy being authentic.
  • How to make decisions that resonate with you.

  • How to move past your trauma WITHOUT having to forgive.
  • How to unload old baggage easily and effectively forever. 
  • How to move on..

The journey of a thousand miles
starts with a single step


Become confident, capable and happy

Are you struggling with self-confidence in your personal life or career? Do you wish you could change the way you feel quickly, easily and privately?
Based on my 23 years academic research and coaching, my mini-programs are designed to help women of all ages overcome a wide range of confidence issues, such as:
These are world-first, high quality programs. The price is kept low, so as many people as possible can grow and enjoy all the good things in life. The greatest reward for me has been hearing success stories from hundreds of happy, excited, confident people of all ages.

How my programs have changed people’s lives

Kim S.

“I was married to a control freak/ narcissist. My life was nothing short of hell.  I was weak, timid and shy. He was the classic bully. With the help of Fiona’s Confidence Programs on Bullies, I discovered I did have a voice. The more I practiced, the louder my voice got. We are still married, but he is on notice now. Thank you Fiona.”

Kim S.

Mitzy B.

“I was lost. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. Plus I was dateless and felt desperate. My whole life felt like one big mistake. Thank you Fiona’s ‘Who am I’ Program. For the first time ever, I know exactly who I am. That made it so easy to find out what I wanted to do. Plus I know who I want to be with.”
Mitzy B.

Guy D.

“I had a problem with my General Manager. I did not know whether to sack him or move him sideways – and where do I put this guy. He just was not cutting it. I used the #Confidence app and Fiona talked me through the process. The next morning it came to me as I was driving to work. It was like a lightning bolt. I knew what I need to do with him. He is head of marketing and he is doing wonders there. Thank you Fiona.”
Guy D.
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