Often you know what you need to do. Your feelings tell you – in no uncertain terms. If you are feeling bored with your work, then you need to change something there. You might need to ask for a new position or change companies – or even change careers. Your feelings are your benchmarks. They are trying to guide you to make more empowering decisions.

Often, you know exactly what you need to do to make the feeling of boredom disappear. The problem is that you, like everyone on earth, have a little voice inside your head. It tries to stop you. It is there to protect you – initially from the sabre-tooth tiger. And in this day and age – it tries to stop you from doing just about everything. This little voice is called your ‘Inner Critic’.

It tells you off constantly. It is very negative and discouraging. It likes to tell you why you can’t do something.

Luckily for you – you also have another voice inside you. (Yes, you seem to have a few different voices in your head – and you are not going crazy. These voices are normal.)

This other voice is your ‘inner warrior’. This is the voice you hear, when you do take on a challenge.  This voice says: ‘You know what I am just going to do this.’ Or it might say: ‘I can do this.’

And then just do it.

Because when you do a task, and you get it right, you will feel better about yourself. That is how you boost your self-esteem. Even if you don’t get it not 100 % right, at least you had a go. And you probably learnt how to do it differently next time, so you can get it right.  Each time you try, you learn something new. And if you keep trying until you do get it right, you will feel super strong and confident. In the process, you boost your resilience and your tenacity, plus your self-esteem.

So if you want to be successful, and gain more confidence and improve your self-esteem, here’s what you do.

Choose to listen more to your ‘inner warrior’ than your ‘inner critic’.

Of course, when you start out, it may be difficult to hear your inner warrior. Your inner critic is loud because it has had the stage in your mind for so long. But if you listen carefully, you might hear a few peeps out of your warrior. Or you might have to just act on faith. Sometimes, the warrior’s voice is too quiet to hear. Then you need to ignite it for yourself, by just taking on plenty of challenges. Especially those that you need to do to regain your happiness and your balance. After a few challenges, you will start to hear it.

The more challenges you do, the more your confidence grows, and the more your inner warrior will guide you.

So don’t listen to the first and loudest voice. Know that you do have another much more positive voice that wants to talk to you. So give it a voice, empower yourself, and enjoy success after success.

Emerge from the old you, evolve into the new confident you and empower yourself.